Best Graco Changing Tables [2018]


If you are planning to decorate the nursery for your baby, it is important for you to have a very good idea of whether you want a changing table for your baby. It is a piece of furniture that is very useful but usually overlooked against other nursery furniture like drawers, wardrobes and cribs.

Changing tables are great if you have storage issues at home because most of the standard baby tables come with two to three shelves underneath the changing unit. You can store all the diapers/ nappies and wipes form a week’s time. Those changing tables on the expensive side will come with doors to cover so that you can neatly tuck away all the stuff from your baby.

Also, make sure that the changing table for your baby is sturdy because you will place your baby on top of it for at least a few times in a day. You can visit your local stores and check it for yourself before hunting online to get great deals.

Most of the Garco Changing Tables offer plenty of storage space to tuck away all the necessities for your baby. They are a great addition to the nursery because it is both elegant and functional that not only makes things easier for the parents but also offers a great décor piece.

Here is a list of our 6 favorite picks for 2018:


Many parents are opting for cloth diapers because they are cost effective and environmentally friendly. If you are planning to follow the trend then it is important for you to consider some special features that should be available on your changing table. Since cloth diapers will mean you need more supplies, Graco Changing Table is your best pick because of its two shelves in open design. These shelves are actually tall enough to accommodate a small sized pail to hold the diapers to be disposed of. It will give you the flexibility that you need to store all of the supplies needed for the cloth diapering. You can easily use a few baskets to carry the creams, wipes, liners and the cloth diapers.

The changing pad is waterproof and comes with a belt for safety. It is a great choice for the purpose of cloth diapering because of the high sides surrounding the changing space. The safety belt and the high sides will give most parents some assurance that their baby will stay secure when they are focusing on cleaning the dirty diapers.


    The weight limit should not exceed 35 pounds.

    Made using non-toxic finish.


    It is well built and very sturdy.

    Can store a lot with the two open shelves that are very tall.


    Open shelves require additional storage baskets so that you can keep all the stuff in an organized manner.

    The changing pad that has been provided in the changing table is quite thin. Many parents have reported that they replaced it with a thicker one for added security.


The 4-in-1 Garco Remi Convertible Changer and Crib is a great pick if you are looking for something that offers a lot of space. It features a large drawer right under the crib and multiple shelves and drawers in the changing table that is attached to it. It is made from top quality pine composites and wood and transitions easily with your growing toddler.


    Recommended limit in weight is 50 pounds.

    Recommended height of baby is 35 inches.

    Crib is convertible to full size bed, day bed and toddler bed.

    Changing table has safety strap and vinyl water resistant change pad.

    Comes with drawer underneath crib, 2 shelves that are open and 3 spacious drawers in changing table.

    Meets all ASTM and CPSC standards of safety and certified by JPMA.


    Highly versatile with full sized crib that can convert to multiple stages in order to grow with your growing baby.

    In-built changer with shelves and drawers offers exceptional space saving.

    Drawers are spacious enough to store clothes and shelves offer additional space for storing diapers, blankets, etc.

    Bed rails to convert into daybed or toddler bed.

    Can accommodate growing child with the adjustable 3 position mattress.


    Attached drawers and changer adds length to the crib and therefore not ideal for rooms with limited space on the wall.

    The changer is short compared to the standard sized changing tables.

    Changing pad is very thin.

    The side where the changer is attached to the crib is solid therefore not ideal if you plan to add a bumper.


If you are shopping under a budget, the changing table – Garco Lauren is one of the most affordable options that are available in the market. It is also a great option if you are looking for something simple and fuss free. This changing table features a changing pad that is 1 inch in measurement and a safety belt for the protection of your toddler when you are fussing around with the diapers and creams. It has a very basic design with three layers. The middle and bottom shelves are for storage and the top shelve is the changing area.


    Lots of storage space with easily accessible features with open design.

    Changing pad is water proof vinyl with safety strap for additional security.

    Easy mobility with four sturdy wheels (two locking).

    Solid pine composite and wood construction. Available in several durable finishes that are non-toxic.


    Can be easily moved around anywhere with portable and sleek design.

    Additional changing pad available.


    Takes very little time to assemble everything together.

    Meets all ASTM and CPSC standards of safety and certified by JPMA.


    Only two wheels have the capacity to lock so it takes away a certain level of the stability when you are trying to change the diapers for your toddler.

    The footboard and headboard are very tall and can hinder the movement of your elbow when you are changing the diapers for your toddler.

    Very flat and thin pad which is included in the changing table.

    No sidings and backings on the shelves.

    Removable changing tray is not present.


The 4-in-1 Garco Solona convertible changer and crib with drawer is versatile and has an attractive and clean lines with grows with your child. You can easily convert it into a full sized bed, a day bed and even a toddler bed. It comes in a ready to assemble set so there is no need for you and your spouse to fuss around. This solona is easily convertible with an adjustable height for easy use.


    Features a changing table with two open shelves and a changing pad that is water resistant with vinyl.

    Large drawer underneath the crib for additional storage space.

    Converts to full size bed, day bed and a toddler bed.

    Adjustable 3 position mattress.

    Made of top quality pine composites and wood.

    Maximum weight limit that this solona can carry is 50 lbs.

    The base material is made of 100 % wood.


    Adjustable 3 position mattress in the crib enables you to lower the mattress so that it can accommodate your baby as he/she grows.

    Large drawer under the crib offers spacious storage space.

    Meets all ASTM and CPSC standards of safety and certified by JPMA.

    Easy to assemble.

    Can be easily cleaned by wiping with damp cloth.

    Does not require any battery.


    Toddler guard rail is not available (Metal frame).

    The full sized bed rails are sold separately (Garco conversion kit full size crib).

    Toddler bed also sold separately (Garco guardrail toddler).

    Only one compartment.


Playards are a great option for new parents even if you do not travel so much with the baby. It can be conveniently used for nap time when you want to work around the house but also wants to keep an eye on your baby. It is a multi-functional changing Table that is great for budget buyers looking for something affordable, and for parents who are constantly on the go. You can also save more because it grows along with your infant.


    Comes with a portable changing pad and can be folded into a small pouch for the purpose of travelling.

    Built in pockets for storage to easily access changing essentials like diapers, wipes, etc.

    The Nest Bassinet offers a familiar and comfortable spot for your little one to rest when away from home or at home.

    Playard changing station can be used either with or without the additional changing pad for convenience and other uses.

    Clean fabrics in changing table enable easy clean up.


    One of the cheapest options for travel crib.

    Features a detachable bassinet which can be folded along with the crib.

    Great option both for toddlers as well as infants.

    Dual use for both home and travel.

    Can grow along with infant into toddlerhood.

    Great value and durable.


    It takes a little time to set up the Graco Pack N Play which can be quite time consuming when travelling on a tight schedule.

    You can spot clean the fabric but you cannot remove it to wash in the machine.

    The changer may be convenient but does not have an ideal height.

    Mattress pad lacks thickness and hence not very convenient to be slept through the entire night.



The Graco playard pack n play with DLX newborn napperstation comes in a beautiful styling with functional features. It incorporates multiple features like changing table, bassinet, napper, etc. This one is a great option for baby proofing your entire house by providing them a safe place to nap and have fun.


    Integrated napper to accommodate infants till the three months old.

    Changing table offers multi functional use. It can also accommodate babies up to 30 pounds in weight.

    The electronic module features 5 nature sounds and 5 soothing music. It also offers a 2 speed vibration which is ideal for offering comfort for the babies.

    The fold mechanism is based on a push button system so that parents can fold their baby’s playard without any difficulty.

    The built-in shelves provide storage space for baby essentials. Parents can easily access the feeding bottles, toys, clothes, etc.


    Quilted mattress provides soft cushion for a comfortable sleep.

    Mesh side walls that allow for free air flow.

    Toy bar to entertain the babies. Hanging plush toys give visual treat to soothe and calm them when they feel bored or irritable.

    Lots of storage space with zippered compartments. Zippered shelves to hide supplies from the babies.

    Canopy blocks out excessive air and light to offer comfort to infants.

    Changing table is stable and provides parents with a comfortable place to change the diapers even at night.


    Napper is poor in quality.

    A little overpriced for its quality and features.


The Graco is a trusted name among many parents who are looking for quality changing tables, car seats and strollers. This is your go-to brand if you are looking for a bargain changing table that offers something functional and elegant all at the same time.

Changing diapers is something that neither the parent nor the toddler enjoys. But we all need to go through it several times a day to keep your baby clean, healthy, dry and happy. Change this experience into an enjoyable one for both the baby and you with a comfortable changing table with easy access storage spaces.

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