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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

While changing diapers may not be your most favorite thing to do, it’s definitely one of those things you will have to do for a while in your life if you have a kid to look after.  The first year or so the all you see will be diapers all day long, changing them will become one of the daily routine tasks.

However, to ease this task for you and your baby and make it more comfortable, you can get a changing table or pad. There are numerous of changing tables on the market so you can find your best fit: one that functions flawlessly and has a design that matches your interior.

What is even better –  these changing tables usually come with a lot of storage compartments so you can store all tools like powders, diapers, oils, towels and so on. We have created this article that contains Top 50 Best Changing Tables, to help you find your best fit.

Is changing table dresser worth it?

First, you can survive without a changing table. You can manage just with changing pad or sheet that’s laid on a floor, desk, couch or bed and do just fine. And for changing your baby’s diapers first few times you can think that you will do just fine without a changing table. However, over time you will start to experience the drawbacks of having no changing table like:

  • Back and neck pain – not for your baby but for yourself. When changing diapers you have to bend a lot. This is especially present for tall parents. Also if you do change on the floor by using changing pad, knee pain may also occur. Straining your body for around a year isn’t great.
  • No organization – a changing table comes with a lot of storage compartments so you can organize everything. Diapers, powders, towels – everything in one place. If you don’t have it, things may become messy and annoying when you won’t be able to find something.
  • Mess – as we all know, changing diapers can be messy and you definitely don’t want to ruin your bed or couch with bad odor or stains. If you have a changing table, everything you do will stay on this table

Many may think that getting a baby changing table dresser that you will use only for a year is a waste of money. However, look at it this way: is extra 100$ worth your health, nerves and maybe even your furniture? Note that if you are planning more than once children, you will be able to use changing table again and again. And when your kid has grown up, you can always give it to someone who needs it.

Changing table or maybe a changing pad?

When you are looking for something on which you cloud swap your baby’s nappies, you have two options – getting a full-size changing table or only a changing pad. While you can get only changing pad and place it on any flat surface, we do advise a changing table. It makes things much easier with its smart layout and shelves and drawers although it’s a lot more expensive than only a changing pad. However, if you have limited space in baby’s room, a changing pad is a wise choice, it’s definitely better than nothing and will make your beloved kid feel comfortable.

Top 50 Best Changing Tables of 2018


1. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table – simple and good looking

This is one of those changing tables that feature a unique design. The intricate spindles, especially in Cherry color, gives this changing table vintage style looks. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table is super easy to assemble and it’s definitely solid being capable to withstand more than specs seem to show. Wide open shelves are ideal for storing baby supplies. While most of changing tables don’t come with a changing pad, DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table offers included waterproof changing pad. Also, safety is no issue with this changing pad as it meets all ASTM international safety standards, making it a great choice.

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2. Babyletto Hudson Changer Dresser – stylish and qualitative

This is a stylish changing table that will look great in modern interiors. However, looks aren’t the only great thing about it, this changing table is very well-built and features metal drawer glides and stop mechanism, removable changing tray and much more. You get three drawers and one cabinet with inner shelf. It comes with a raised sides to keep your baby safe, although you can remove them if you want. With Babyletto Hudson Changer Dresser you can shoot two rabbits with one shot as it can be used as a changing table as well as a dresser. One thing to note is that this is a fairly expensive changing table, however, style and durability makes its toll.

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3. Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table – basic and mobile

Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table features a sturdy wood construction and two open shelves that let you store a lot, especially if you add boxes. It has barriers on all four sides, making it safer for your baby. Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table also meets all ASTM standards. It comes with a bundled changing pad that also meets safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM. When it comes to coloring, you have three choices: Dark Chocolate, Gray and White so I’m sure you will be able to find one that fits into your interior the best. Also, it’s worth mentioning that assembling this changing table takes no time and is super easy to do.

One of the greatest Pros of Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table is that it has wheels so you are free to move it from one place to another with ease.

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4. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table – one of the cheapest and easiest to set up

If the price is what worries you and you need a changing table for no longer than a year or two, a great choice is Dream On Me Emily Changing Table. It’s one of the most basic and cheapest changing tables on the market. As all open frame changing tables, also Dream On Me Emily has two open shelves leaving you with space for baby supplies. It also has 5 1/2″ safety rail to keep your baby secure. Assembly wise, it’s also super easy to do – just screw 12 included screws and you’re done. Just don’t expect this changing table to be the most stable. Don’t get me wrong, it held together well, however, you can tell it’s quite basic.

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5. Badger Basket Modern Changing Table – if storage is important for you

As its name tells, Badger Basket Modern changing table dresser is indeed a modern looking table. It’s a bit more complex than other open frame changing tables as it features three shelves, not two. You get three fabric storage baskets and a matching hamper plus a foam changing pad. That’s a super great deal for a changing table that costs around 100$. You do get a lot for the money. To keep your baby secure in place, Badger Basket Modern has safety rails on all four sides.

Although overall this is a superb changing table, it might be a bit to low for taller parents and don’t forget that drawer type storage baskets aren’t true drawers.

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6. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table – aesthetic looks and superb build quality

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is very aesthetic and good looking changing table that comes with two large shelves and included water-resistant changing pad with safety strap. It also meets all  ASTM safety standards and has safety rails enclose on all four sides. The frame is made out of solid wood. It seems like when your baby is grown up and don’t need a changing table anymore, you cloud to use it as furniture – shelves for shoes, other accessories and no one would ever notice that it’s actually a changing table. To make it even better, you can get one in seven colors: Black, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Grey, White, Espresso Cherry and Vintage Espresso. You think this changing table would cost significantly more than other similar ones? Think again! You can get one for under 100$.

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7. Graco Lauren Changing Table Review

Exceeding all ASTM and CPSC safety standards, nearly no assembly needed and mobile? If that’s what you’re after, take a detailed look at Graco Lauren Changing Table. As with most open frame changing tables, you get safety rails on all four sides as well as vinyl waterproof changing pad with built-in safety strap. To make it even better, sturdy rollers (of which two are lockable) makes sure you can move this changing table with ease around your home. You can get one in five colors: Black, Cherry, Espresso, White, and Gray.

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8. Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table – if storage is what you’re after

If storage is important for you, but you also don’t want to buy a super expensive dresser-styled changing table, Badger Basket Sleigh Style changing table dresser is one of the best choices. As it comes with fabric box-shaped drawers, it’s less expensive but still, offers you the same amount of space. There’s total of six drawers. This table is like a mix between classical open frame and dresser style changing table. For safety, you get safety rails on all four sides as well as meeting all ASTM, lead, CARB ATCM safety standards. While this is a bit more complex changing table, it’s still quite easy to assemble.

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9. Athena Leila 2 Drawer Changer – most basic dresser-styled changing table

Unlike all previous changing tables, Athena Leila is a true dresser-styled changing table dresser. The main advantage of this changing table is its two large, deep drawers where you can store all baby supplies plus you also get two cubbies. One of the biggest advantages to dresser styled baby dresser like this one is its built – it definitely is more stable than classic open frame changing tables. It can hold a standard size changing pad with dimensions of 34″ x 17″. You can get Athena Leila changing table in two colors: White and Cherry. Interesting thing is that price difference between these two colors is 30$. Overall this is a very basic changing table, therefore, it’s also relatively cheap.

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10. South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table – a more fancy dresser styled changing table

If you are after a furniture that also got looks, South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table is worth checking out. Overall it features similar build as Athena Leila changing table just with some added style. For example, there are three cubbies, everything is rounded, drawers have some vertical lines improving overall design. You also can’t see screw heads. It’s simply better built and more appealing to look at. When it comes to safety, South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table meets all standards. It also comes with a 5-year warranty which is way more than 1 year that most changing table manufacturers offer. However, for all of this you have to pay extra, but still, you can’t call this changing table expensive.

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11. Costzon Baby Changing Table – simple, but good looking

Costzon Baby dresser has open frame build and it’s quite basic. However, the rounded legs and rails give this changing table more aesthetic looks.This simple design upgrade makes this changing table desirable. With a price tag below 70$ and four color choices: White, Wine, Coffee, Black this surely is a great buy. As you already see, you get two wide shelves, safety rails on all sides and included polyester foam with safety strap.

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12. South Shore Cotton Candy Changing Table – a product that will last

As the South Shore claims, Cotton Candy baby changing table is made in transitional style, it’s versatile and simple. This changing table has three large drawers and one large compartment with three shelves. The biggest trump for this changing table is its build quality. Starting from ceramic handles, metal drawer slides, and healthy 5-year warranty. But that’s not all, Cotton Candy changing table also meets all North American safety standards.

We also loved that safety rails or changing station are removable so when your kid has grown up, you can simply use this piece of furniture as a chest or commode. You can get it in two colors: Soft Gray and Sumptuous Cherry. Sadly no changing pad is included. Also, keep in mind that this changing table is quite massive and heavy, therefore, the assembly will require two people and box that this furniture ships in are quite heavy, so make sure you get someone who could help you out.

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13. Dream On Me Marcus Changing TableDream Changing Table

Dream On Me Marcus baby changing table is another great white changing table. Unlike previous South Shore claims Cotton Candy changing table, this one is more basic. However, it still functions flawlessly. You get three large, deep drawers and a wide range of colors to choose from – Black, Cherry, Espresso, Grey, Natural, White and French White. This changing table is relatively cheap but offers a lot of safety features. For example, I loved that safety rails are quite high, it gives a more secure feel. Of course, this changing table meets all CPSC and ASTM standards. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you can’t transform this changing table into a dresser or chest when your child has grown up so it will always be and function as changing table.

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14. Thomasville Kids Southern Dunes Dressing Table

Thomasville Kids Southern Dunes baby dressing table is another design variation for classic open frame changing tables. The main design feature is its back safety rail which is quite high and features rounded looks. It’s available in three finishes espresso, white and dove brown. All of them are high quality non-toxic. Besides the changing table itself, you also get a water-resistant changing pad with safety strap. Pricing depends on the color you choose, however, you can get one for about 100-130$.

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15. Dream On Me, 4 in 1 Crib with attached Changing Table Combo

If you haven’t already bought your baby a bed, then why don’t you get 4 in 1? Dream On Me offers a full-size crib and changing table combo. Youg get a toddler bed, full-size bed, and a day bed plus changing table. It’s available in five colors. One thing to note is that mattress is not included and you have to buy it separately. My opinion is that this is a great buy as it costs as cheap as a stand-alone changing table, but you also get a bed – two rabbits with one shot. It’s one of the best white baby dresser with attached crib on the market.

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16. Koala Kare KB200-01 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

What to do if you’re limited on space, but still need a baby changing table? The company called Koala Kare got us an answer – Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station. This is a perfect solution, just attach it to a wall and remove it once you don’t need it anymore. Unlike most traditional changing tables, Koala Kare can support up to 200 pounds which is massive. All mounting hardware. You can get one in one of four colors.

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17. South Shore Furniture Peak-a-Boo Collectio

South Shore Furniture, Changing Table with Drawers from Peak-a-Boo Collection is another very simple yet well-made dresser style changing table. As usual, you get three drawers one large compartment and one shelf, safety rails on all four sides. Assembly is needed and it’s not the easiest one, however, totally manageable. Also, keep in mind that safety rails are not removable so you won’t be able to use this piece as furniture, it will always be a changing table.

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18. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table – best corner changing table

Corner furniture is great for capitalize on corner space. Corner sofa, corner wardrobe, you name it! The same goes for corner changing tables. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table has open frame design with two shelves, these shelves are larger than on traditional rectangle shaped changing table so you get more space for storing baby supplies. A safety strap and cloth changing pad cover are included.

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19. Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top

Classic yet with some added style, those are the first words that come to mind when seeing Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top. As you can already tell from its name, this product can be transformed from a dresser to changing table and vice versa. This means it will always be functional even when your kid has grown up from diapers. Overall build quality is excellent featuring ball bearing side-mounted drawers and wood construction. You can get it in two colors: White and Black Espresso/White.

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20. Dream On Me Liberty Collection 3 Drawer Changing Table

Dream On Me is a well-known changing table manufacturer. One of its most popular models is Liberty Collection 3 Drawer Changing Table. Mainly because of its simplicity and a wide range of colors to choose from – Black, Cherry, Espresso, Grey, Natural, White and French White. This means you can get one that fits great in your interior. Another thing I loved is that mattress pad is included.

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21. Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib ‘N’ Changer – versatility

Delta Children Abby Convertible is another combo that has both – bed and changing table. For a crib with attached changing table, you get two drawers and one spacious shelf. It’s available in three colors: Gray, Bianca, and Dark Chocolate. Build quality is excellent, you get strong and sturdy wood construction that will last. I like the idea that this product will last for a while even when your kid has grown up from diapers because the bed is quite large and transformable.

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22. Evolur Fully Assembled Changing Tray

Sometimes all you need is changing tray. If you already have a dresser of some sort or table large enough, you can just buy a changing tray with changing pad and that’s it. It’s probably one of the cheapest options you have. And the best thing is, this tray comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that fits your dresser or table just fine.

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23. South Shore Fundy Tide Changing Table

Fundy Tide wooden changing table is another great product from South Shore. It comes in three colors and has a vintage look with its Antique Bronze finish handles. As usual, there are two large drawers, one shelf and safety rail on all four sides. It also has a nice 5-year warranty which adds a lot of value in my eyes.

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24. Baby Mod Modena 3-Drawer Changer Dresser – modern and simple

This is one of the most basic dresser styled changing tables on the market. All it has is three drawers and changing tray. There are a lot of people who love minimalism and aesthetic looks, this changing table is made exactly for them.

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25. DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray

For those who love old-style solid baby dressers, this is a great choice. This baby changing table meets all ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards and features a removable changing tray. This means when you won’t need changing table anymore, just remove the tray and use it as a regular dresser.

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26. Athena Nadia Baby Changing Table

Athena Nadia Baby Changing Table is a regular open frame changing table with two shelves. We picked it mainly because of its drawer as usually changing tables like this doesn’t feature one. Overall the build quality is good and the price is adequate.

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27. South Shore Furniture Angel Changing Table with 6 Drawers

This is another great dressing table from South Shore. This time they offer a baby dresser style Changing Table with 6 Drawers. It’s quite massive and bulky offering tons of storage space for all baby supplies. As with all South Shore products, you get a 5-year warranty. This changing table can be used as only a dresser by removing changing tray. Two colors are available – Espresso and White.

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28. Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer 

Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 is another option if you are looking for a bed that also features a changing table. It meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards, however, it has only one year warranty. The changing table has three drawers and behind them, there are three shelves so storage is well thought out.

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29. Stork Craft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Stork Craft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Baby Dresser is more like a dresser than changing table, however, it can be also used to change your kid’s diapers. When we buy furniture, we look for longevity, well this is what you get with Stork Craft Avalon – ability to use it even when your kid has grown up. Six large deep drawers offer a lot of space. And five different colors should be enough for just about anyone.

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30. Cosco Kids Furniture Leni 6 Drawer Dresser with Changing Table

If you don’t really like the traditional wooden design and you’re looking for something more modern, take a look at Cosco Kids Furniture Leni 6 Drawer Dresser with Changing Table. It features two colors making it look sleek. Also changing tray is removable so you won’t have to throw this piece of furniture away when your kid grows up. I like that changing tray can be placed on either the right or left side of the baby dresser.

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31. South Shore Cuddly Changing Table

South Shore Cuddly Changing Table shares a similar design with the previous Cosco Kids Furniture Leni changing table. Only it has a more changing table oriented layout with classical two large, deep drawers, two shelves. It comes with five-year warranty and the top changing tray is removable allowing for a transformation into a chest. However, the height of this product is only 36.8 inches, so it’s not the best choice for tall parents.

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32. South Shore Catimini Dresser Changer in White and Rustic Oak

Let’s be honest, when choosing a furniture like changing table, one of the first things we look at is design. South Shore Catimini Dresser Changer offers just that with its two material finish – Pure White and Rustic Oak as well as elegant metal handles. The changing station is removable, allowing to transform it into a chest. As you would expect there are three drawers and one large compartment for storing baby tools.

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33. Angeles Changing Table with Locking Stair

If you want to stand out from the crown and add a bit of fun to your kid and yourself, take a look at Angeles Changing Table with Locking Stair. As you can already tell, the main feature of this changing table is its stairs. When your baby has learned how to crawl, they will be a lot of fun making the changing process more pleasant. One thing I liked is that changing tray is one single piece and it’s molded, making it easier to clean up.

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34. Healthy Kids Colors Strawberry Red Deluxe Changing Table

Healthy Kids Colors Strawberry Red Deluxe Changing Table is similar to the previous changing table, it also features stairs. There is one large component divided into many small shelves to store all necessary supplies.

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35. Stokke Care Changing Station Review

Stokke Care Baby Changing Station is a classical open frame changing station with fabric boxes, however, it features more square-like shape than a conventional triangle. Being a relatively tall person, I liked that you can adjust this changing table’s height. That’s a major plus.

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36. Delta Children Changing Table with Storage Space

Delta Children Changing Table is a dresser styled changing table that doesn’t feature drawers but shelves and bypass doors. The changing tray can be removed if necessary. It exceeds all ASTM safety standards and has a sturdy wood construction. You can get it in two colors: Gray and Bianca White.

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37. Childcraft Abbott Dressing Table – one of the best open frame changing tables

If you are after a cheap and simple changing table, this is a good choice. You get two large shelves and solid wood construction. Assembly is super easy – 12 screws and you’re done.

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38. Delta Children Bentley S Convertible Crib N Changer

Delta Children Bentley S Convertible Crib N Changer is very similar to Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1. They both have two drawers and two shelves. It comes with included water-resistant changing pad with safety strap. Some parents ask if the changing table is transformable to the nightstand. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

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39. Just One Year Changing Table Review

A super easy to set up and super cheap changing table. Nothing fancy here – it does what it’s built for. Manufacturer’s suggested age is 0-6 months. Only changing table is included, no changing pad.

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40. Babyletto Lolly 3 Drawer Baby Dresser Changer

Babyletto Lolly 3 Drawer Dresser Changer is one of the parents all-time favorites because it’s well built – everything holds together solidly. The construction is made out of pine wood and Carb II Compliant MDF, drawers has metal glides and stop mechanisms. The changing tray is removable so when your baby has grown up, you can use it as a regular dresser.

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41. MTN-G Baby Changing Table Nursery Diaper Station Dresser

MTN-G Baby Changing Table is well-known baby dresser style changing table just with some added features like three shelves in the middle between two large compartments. There are also two drawers. Overall the construction isn’t the best, but it held together good.

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42. Babyletto Bingo 3-Drawer White Changer Dresser for Baby

Babyletto Bing offers us a changing station that’s somewhere in the middle of a dresser and open frame changing table. It unique clean looks and minimalism is what attracts the most of the people. There are three large drawers with metal drawer glides and stop mechanisms and you can remove changing tray to transform it into dresser at any time. Babyletto isn’t the cheapest baby dresser brand out there, but they are well-known for the high-quality products.

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43. Altra Riley Baby Changing Table by Cosco

Altra Riley Baby Changing Table by Cosco will fit great in any baby’s room. It has four open styled shelves and non-removable changing tray. Although it looks great, it may not be the best choice for tall parents as this unit itself measures in at only 35.5 inches high.

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44. IKEA – SNIGLAR Baby changing table dresser

I guess you can’t get anything more basic than this. There is only a frame and surface for changing pad, that’s it! Assembly can be done in 5 minutes. Although this is probably not the best changing table, because of its simple build and height of only 34 1/4 ” inches, it still is better than nothing and it’s one of the cheapest changing tables on this list.

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45. Jonti-Craft 5130JC 12 Tub Changing Table

A solid, robust changing table with many shelves and height of 44 inches. This truly is a great choice if you are looking for something that could hold even large kids. It’s not too complex, still easy to assemble and gives you a feeling that it won’t break anywhere soon. Because it’s so robust, it also weighs a lot – 145.0  pounds, so make sure you have someone to help you out with assembly.

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46. Sorelle Cape Cod Crib and Changer

One beautiful piece of furniture, that’s what you can say in few words about the Sorelle Cape Cod Crib and Changer. Although it wears a hefty price tag, it’s totally worth it. Everything is well built and hold together flawlessly. For changing table, you get three drawers and three shelves. The bed is transformable into a toddler bed, daybed and a full-size bed so it will be a good investment for years to come.

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47. Ingenuity Piper SooThe Me Softly – Fancy name baby station

This is something a bit different. Ingenuity Piper SooThe Me Softly offers a washable playard. Now you can manage everything in one place. I love it because it features soft fabrics, breathable mesh and all of that is washable. Also one of the best things about it is that you can fold it so you can hide it when you don’t need it. You might think it’s expensive, but not at all. this changing table will cost no more than a regular open framed one.

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48. Childcraft Redmond Changing Table – best antique changing table

If antique looks are your thing, Childcraft Redmond Changing Table might be the changing table you’re looking for. Although, it’s relatively simple, old-fashioned wood finish and wrought iron hardware makes it unique. As usual, there are two large shelves and changing dressing pad with security belt.

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49. Ozark River Portable Sinks Kiddie Station Review

This is the most expensive changing table on this list. It comes with self-contained, instant hot water system, liquid soap dispenser, and 6-gallon waste water reservoir. Meaning you have it all if things get messy. As this is a quite heavy unit, it’s on wheels making it easier to move. However, for such kit, you have to pay quite a lot of money.

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50. Pemberly Row Changing Station a Premium Baby Dresser

At last, there is Pemberly Row changing station for baby. It’s quite massive featuring five drawers and two shelves. The baby changing station is removable so you can always transform it into a standalone dresser and that’s exactly why we like it so much – it’s a proper furniture that can be used even when your children have grown up.

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Which changing table you should get?

If you have decided to get you and your beloved baby a changing table, next question is which one. The list above has many great changing tables, however, it all depends on you if they suit your needs. You can choose between open frame style tables and closed drawer styled ones. Below is a list of different type changing tables:

  • The first one is a classic changing table which that features open frame-like design. They have no walls, just construction, and shelves meaning you won’t have any drawers and all baby tools will be seen for everyone. You can fix this by getting additional boxes and place them on shelves. These changing tables usually are the cheapest ones and do their job well. Another major plus that you can easily move a changing table like this, they are quite lightweight. Assembly is also super easy.
  • A chest of drawers or dresser-style tables is another type of baby changing tables you can get. They usually are way more massive than open frame tables, meaning they are also more stable. They usually feature many drawers and maybe a shelf or two to store everything necessary. This means all tools needed for changing diapers can be stored in drawers so no one can see them. Design wise, they do much better than classic changing tables because they fit better into any design as they look more like an average furniture than a changing table. These changing tables are more stationary, heavy and also more expensive. This is because they’re harder to make. However, I believe they also last much longer.
  • Corner changing tables utilize space very well. If you have a free corner, go for it!. In result, you get more space and that’s what we always need and tend to run out of especially having kids around.
  • All in one changing tables. If you haven’t already bought your baby a bed, then you should think about getting one that comes with a changing pad. Again, just as with corner changing tables, you will be able to save some space, get additional storage. It’s also great because the bed is always next to the changing table so you can change your kid’s diapers and put him to bed.
  • Untraditional changing beds. If you are after something interesting, you should try one of these. For example, you can get your kid a changing table that comes with stairs. Maybe for the first year, they will be useless. However, when your kid will learn how to crawl, these stairs will be great and a lot of fun. Then you can also get a changing table that comes with sinks. If things get messy, you will appreciate a changing table like this a lot.

The next question is the materials. Of course, you want what’s best for your baby. One thing to calm you – all changing tables on this list won’t do any harm, they are well made. However some prefer true wood over plywood, some don’t. It’s the matter of your taste. Usually for most of the people, this isn’t a concern, however, for some, it may be – assembly. Some changing tables are easier to assemble than others, therefore, keep this in mind while deciding whether to buy a super fancy changing table or not. At last, there is the price. If you plan to use changing table only for one kid – get the cheapest one (that, of course, has a decent build quality) and you will be fine. However, if you plan using this changing table for more than one kid, it’s wiser to think about getting a solid changing table.

What to consider before buying a changing table?

Physical dimensions especially the Height. This is one of the first things to find out. I have seen many parents making a mistake by buying a too low or high changing table. They just look at it, thinking it’s great but forget to clarify changing table’s height. Of course, you can also buy a changing table that’s too high for you. Changing the table’s height can affect how comfortable you will be. With wrong height, you will still get body strains which aren’t good at all. Therefore, I recommend to check out the product’s height in its specifications before buying one. Also, make sure you check out changing table’s width and length especially if you want to fit in a tight place.

Storage Space. This is very important aspect when buying a changing table. Some changing tables may offer almost no storage space where others massive amounts. If you do care about storage, a dresser-style table is your best bet. It usually comes with two up to six drawers meaning you have enough space to store all baby care supplies.

Tips on how to use a changing table

To make the changing process more pleasant and comfortable for both: you and baby, keep these tips in mind:

  • Gathering all supplies before doing anything. We strongly advise gathering all supplies and placing them on the top table before you place your baby on it. This will make sure you always have what you need right next to your hand and more importantly – won’t have to leave your baby on the table if you have forgotten anything.
  • Keep in mind the maximum weight limit of the changing table. usually being around 30 pounds. If you overweight it with supplies it may snap with your baby on it.
  • Place baby changing table dresser so that it’s positioned against the wall. First, this will make changing table more stable as well as eliminate safety issues as there will be only one open side your baby can roll off. But no worries, you will be facing it!
  • Probably the most important tip – don’t leave your baby without supervision. Baby falling from a changing table may get serious injuries, therefore, always have one hand on your baby. We all know how it is with kids – you just have to leave them for 1 second and that’s enough for something bad to happen.

Final Words

I truly hope that this article helped you choosing a changing table for your baby or at least throw some ideas. If you still haven’t decided to get one or not, think about your body and what it will take managing without one. I surely think body strains are not worth 100$. When you’re done using it or don’t need it anymore, you can always give it someone who needs one or just transform it into a dresser if that’s possible.


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